What is digitalisation?

Both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, cannot do without a digitisation strategy.  The trend towards digitisation affects almost all companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

The reasons for digitisation:

  • Securing opportunities: New technologies support the implementation of successful marketing, sales and production processes.
  • The perfect customer journey: customers want to be able to obtain information about each product at any time, anywhere. Deliver the “right” product information (product availability, technical data, etc.) at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Pressure to be innovative: competitors rely on digital support and could quickly leave you behind, if you donot adapt your processes and bring products to market just as quickly.
  • B2B: The expectations of B2B customers range from shorter delivery times to high flexibility in the national and international market. This cannot be achieved without digital support.
Reaching customers in a targeted and efficient manner

Nowadays, setting up a homepage and having a digital business card is no longer enough. In addition to the “responsive design”, the customer also expects optimal support in the search for content, a virtual contact e.g. chat tools and the possibility of a simple purchase. Professionally created and SEO optimized websites are not only a flagship for the company today, but also acquire potential customers. Thanks to comprehensive web analysis methods, it is possible to analyze “traffic”, “click rates” and topics of customers and prospects. This enables you to address specific target groups, which leads to more contacts and ensures sustainable growth. The analytical data can also be used in print media to further optimize the way customers are approached. Our solution helps to address customers on various channels, be it the classic print channel or social media channels.

When companies miss out on digital change, customers migrate to suppliers who optimally satisfy the needs of shopping behaviour.

For niche market providers, small and medium-sized companies it is therefore important to quickly find the link to your digital presence, because even large well-known companies can otherwise disappear from the market. If you dont want to end up like these companies:

Web shop / Online presence

Are you looking to build a classic websites or modern webshops? We are your perfect partner for the implementation of e-commerce projects.
The following things are important for your internet presence:

Story telling/shopping experience

More than just e-commerce. Today’s customers no longer want to simply browse through products in an online shop, but want a variety of presentations, videos, stories and matching or complementary products. Cross- and up-selling products are optimally integrated in good online shops.

User experience - responsive design

It is important that the internet presences is developed with a view to the needs of the users. Interested users and customers want a quicker overview of the range of services and the variety of products. The visitors of the website want to be able to find what they are looking for “with just one click”. Modern and innovative pages impress with their responsive web design and are optimized for mobile devices.


For search engine optimization, your website must be optimally designed in terms of page speed, text, images and layout. Choosing the right keywords, meta-description and meta-title also gives you advantages in search engine ranking.

Mobile first

Modern web design operates according to the “mobile first” principal. Already half of all users in 2017 accessed the websites with mobile devices, pure desktop developed pages cannot keep up with this trend.